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Napier Menzshed (sometimes mistakenly spelt as Mensshed) is one of thousands of similar mens sheds that have sprung up around the world. We are part of  "Menz shed New Zealand". The Napier shed, in Hawkes Bay, is well equipped with tools and machinary to tackle most projects.



To provide a safe place and space for men to meet, socialise, share and learn skills, create projects and be involved in their community. 

In a sense, it is a health initiative for retired men, a step away from isolation and into the camaraderie of a shared project and community appreciation. This is furthered by the mandatory 'Smoko Break' which was so much part of the work scene for blokes.


Napier Menz Shed brings experienced men together to share skills, learn new skills and have a natter and a laugh in a supportive shared space. Men can work on individual projects to build something practical or create something fanciful. We also work in groups on community projects. If you just want to have a cup of tea or coffee and a natter with friends, that's ok too.

Like to join us? For further information please contact:

Jon Barrett   Shed Manager          027 884 9829

Ross Girvan    Secretary                 027 412 9263

Paddy Dobson                                 06 834 1009

Click on the pictures to

check out our videos

Click on the pictures to

check out our videos

Click on the pictures to

check out our videos

Napier Menzshed, The Ultimate Democracy.

A different way of doing things.

The Shed is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

For more information on times, check out the "Contact Us" page

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