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Recent Projects

Feral Animal Traps.

These traps have been made for DOC. Feral animals are a serious problem for our wildlife, native birds in particular. We have already produced 38 of these traps and have been asked by DOC to produce 20 more. These are currently being constructed.    

Bed Bases.

We built twenty queen sized bed bases for Christian Lovelink.                              

update -  that number is now nearing 200 bed bases and still counting.


Lost count, possibly 300!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Dolls House.

This dolls house was extensively refurbished for the Napier City Council. It has been returned to the Napier Public Library.

Bee Hives.

About four hundred bee hives were assembled and painted in record time.



Bird Hide.

This bird viewing hide is another project undertaken for DOC.

It was built over several weeks and has now been delivered to Aramoana on the Central Hawkes Bay coast. Some art work was still to be fitted when it left the shed. In the third pic, Paddy hands it over to the DOC representative.                                                                    

Wreath holders

Brian finishing off one of six wreath holders produced for the RSA.  They will be used on occasions such as Anzac Day.                                                                                                       

Rocking Horses

Mike hands over 2 rocking horses that he made to a delighted recipient. They should give some lucky youngsters a lot of pleasure.                                                                                                          

Spacesaver Staircase

Staircase for a small local workshop. Push the button and it lifts out of the way, freeing up valuable workshop space. Click on the picture to see it in action.

Chicken Coop

This chicken coop was built at the shed, dismantled and reassembled at our local primary school at Marewa.The chooks now have 5 star accommodation.

The Pirates Chest

Built for the Ahuriri Business Hub. We built this chest and some of the wooden toys to go in it. Sadly many of the toys have been vandalised or stolen. The chest has been well received by locals and visitors.

Five Giant Chairs

Built for the Ahuriri Business Hub, five of these giant chairs are located on the Ahuriri forshore. They have been painted in bright colours and have proved to be a huge success. Sometimes their are queues of people waiting to sit on them and have their photos taken.

Round Pool Table

This round pool table has been rebuilt, including constructing a completely new top.

It was an interesting project which tested our ingenuity.

Bird Feeder

A bird feeder with a penthouse nesting box above. Luxury living for some feathered friends.









Food Bank and Op Shop in One

This community resource was built for Tamatea Kindy. It is for sharing good quality second hand toys, clothes, childrens equipment and food that is surplus from gardens and on trees.                                    



This two metre tall beacon has been constructed for a group of people intent on renovating the historic beacons north of the Napier airport. These beacons were built in 1907, long before the 1931 earthquake and were navigation aids when that area was the inner harbour. This model is intended to be used to fundraise for the restoration project.

More Traps

Tim, with a little help from his friends made more traps, this time for Preditor Free Napier Hill. We have previously made traps for DOC as well as other organisations involved with pest eradication. Pest eradication will be a long term initiative so I guess we will be building many more traps in future.







A few of the other projects completed for HB people and organisations.

  Refurbish cabinet - Trish
  Paint shed door & add mosaic stars to decorate - YMCA Kindy
  Pre cut & drill 4 push carts - then help Henry hill School students to assemble
  Fit 2m X .5m sign to Lillian Gilcrest Memorial Hall
  Restore vintage slat back chair - Niki
  On site tree support - Napier Family Centre.
  Flower boxes made from fence posts - Matilda Hepi.
   Repair garden chairs - Barry
  Repair dining chair - John
  Build Bingo Box - Age Concern Flaxmere
  Letter box fitted - HB Basketball Assn.
  Constructed Tui Feeder - Forest & Bird
  Made bed base for sofa - Jim Brown
  Rebuilt Victorian mirror frame - donated to Cranford Hospice as a fund raiser.
  Four Wooden bikes repaired - Swinburn House
  Repair toys - Colenso Early Childhood Centre
  Three bikes  serviced - At Risk Youth
  Bikes serviced - Noel Suckling
  Twenty bikes repaired - x police
  Ornamental chair repaired - Christine
  Church pew dismantled - Knox Church
  Internal stairs constructed - Napier Womens Refuge
  Made plinth to hold Colin Meads rugby ball
  Mahjong tile rack made - Richard
  Made storage boxes - Napier Swimming Club
  Repaired wooden toys - YMCA Kindy
  Supplied mens bike - Taradale High School
  Three book boxes constructed - Marewa School
  Herb boxes made - Shed
Walls & frame cut out and new door fitted - Taradale Op Shop

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